Talking Points

German Exporters amid the Global Recovery

July 2010
Eurasia in gobal economy

Eurasia in the Global Economy

June 2010
Commerical developments in MERCOSUR

Commercial Developments in MERCOSUR

May 2010
International tax representation

International Tax Representation

April 2010

The Smartphone and its risks

March 2010
Talking Points

Economic Growth Prospects in Central and Eastern Europe

December 2009

Creating Enterprise-Wide Risk Awareness - Are Your Clients Building Prudent ‘Risk Cultures’?

January 2010
Taking Points

Labour Market Trends in the Wake of the Great Recession: Implications of the 'New Normal'

October 2009

Turkey in the Euro Mediterranean Area

August 2009

IT Risk Management - Meeting the changing requirements and demands of today’s business enterprises

July 2009
Survey European business Leaders

Survey of European Business Leaders: European Business in the Wake of Global Recession

May 2009

Global Climate Change: Corporate Risks and Growth Opportunities

April 2009

Cultural Shifts in Company Successions

December 2008

Global Strategies of Chilean Exporters

August 2008

Commercial Relations Between China and the EU

August 2008

FDI in China's Middle Enterprise Sector

July 2008

Responses to Canadian Middle Enterprises to CAD Appreciation

June 2008

Fallout of the Global Financial Crisis

April 2008

India - The Global IT Services Backbone

April 2008